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COBRA Administration Services

A comprehensive, compliant, cloud-based solution that delivers a simplified experience

A COBRA experience like no other


The Healthy Dollars, Inc. COBRA solution delivers a simplified approach to what is inherently a complex, challenging and time-consuming HR function. Enhanced capabilities and first-of-its-kind self-service tools enable employers to not only streamline COBRA communications, reporting, enrollment, and billing and payment processes but also offer an enhanced participant experience that seamlessly guides employees through the post-employment health benefits process in a simplified and meaningful way.

Use the links below to download information about our COBRA administration offerings.

Key Advantages

Healthy Dollars, Inc. offers a new take on COBRA administration.


Flexible employer structure & benefit eligibility design: Whether your organizational structure is simple or extremely complex, our COBRA platform can easily accommodate your system specifications, including unique requirements associated with various employee populations and plan designs you maintain.


Fully automated self-service tools: Our simple and intuitive platform includes an automated wizard that allows you to easily create qualifying events, enables you to be self-sufficient and perform basic functions that historically have required administrator assistance, and provides full transparency into and a real-time view of participant data.


End-to-end automation: Every step in the participant lifecycle is automated. Once you enter a participant’s information, the system automatically moves them through every step in the process – from communications through payment processing – without requiring additional touchpoints.


Flexible reporting & data exporting: Access to real-time data and the ability to create custom reports ensures you have ongoing access to the metrics that are most important to your organization; Microsoft Excel export capabilities allow you to easily visualize, manipulate and evaluate program data.


User controls: Restrict access rights based on role, business function, or other parameters established by your organization.


Flexible premium disbursement schedules: Select your preferred payment schedule - weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.


Enhanced participant experience: Your participants have quick and easy access to everything they need to know about their COBRA account, all from within the online portal. From how much they owe to when their next payment is due to whether their last payment was received, participants are able to view key information about their account with a single click, resulting in fewer calls and support needs.


Various payment options: Your participants can select their preferred payment method – online credit, debit, or ACH as well as the option to mail a check.

Deliver an enhanced participant experience

During what is undoubtedly a difficult period of time for your employees, you can rest assured knowing they have access to the tools and resources they need to successfully enroll in and manage their COBRA account. We make it easy!


Online participant portal

offers 24/7 access to

plan information

Online election

options allow for

easy enrollment

Electronic payment options and 24/7 access to payment & plan history and data

Explore our next-generation COBRA solution today! Contact us at 877-900-6979.

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